Be part of the pack and join our Pounders Club

Okay, there are many breweries and breweries-in-planning around Ottawa and nobody can be expected to track the progress of them all, but if you’re going to keep watch on any, make sure it’s the Stray Dog Brewing Company in Orléans. Now, some may say that Ottawa needs another microbrewery like we need another road construction project, but they would be wrong. Craft beer is more than just a trend – it’s the industry getting back to its pre-prohibition roots. And if we have learned nothing else over the past few years, every neighbourhood, from Cobden to Vankleek Hill and all points in between, always has room for one more.

We are pleased to announced the formation of our Pounders Club.

Our take on a typical mug or founders club, Stray Dog Brewing’s founding members, a.k.a. Pounders, are modern day beer heroes. You are the people who not only appreciate well-crafted beer, but also support Stray Dog’s mission to bring hand-crafted, artisanal, palate-challenging craft beer to the masses.

By joining our Pounders Club, you are supporting a local business and the local economy. You help breathe life into our dream, in Orléans, and Ottawa at large. More importantly, you get our thanks, appreciation, and the knowledge that your contribution will help us in a material way.

The concept is simple. You sign up for a fee and in return receive some amazing benefits. The Pounders Club will only be available in the first year of being in business. After that, we’ll have other cool ways to be involved, but this is a one-time opportunity to help build part of the foundation.

The Benefits

This one-time membership entitles you to great benefits, such as:

  • Exclusive access to limited releases
  • Front of the line for purchase of any special releases and seasonals
  • Exclusive Pounders Club dog tags with your enrollment number and name
  • Two (2) Stray Dog Brewing Company glasses
  • 15% off all swag in the brewery
  • Name on the brewery wall (the Dog House)
  • Exclusive Pounders Club members-only t-shirt
  • There will only be 150 memberships offered at $300 each (plus HST, because, you know – taxes).
    We know money is tight, so you can pay all at once or split it in two equal payments
  • Memberships are non-transferrable. Once you become a member of the Pounders Club, you’re in the Dog House for life (some of us already are, but that is another story)
  • Beverage on your birthday at the brewery (we may even sing for you if you ask)
  • Members will be invited to pick up their gear prior to the brewery opening to the public. That means you’ll get a chance to tour and taste before anyone else. Now that’s serious street cred!

*Memberships will be processed in the order they are received, time and date stamped through the system.

How Will We Use the Money?

Opening up a brewery costs a shit-ton of money. All contributions from the Pounders Club will go towards physical things needed in our brewery and tap room to make great beer and serve you better.

Join the Pounders Club

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